LA County Fair

by Jason Email

We went to the LA County Fair last night and guess who we ran into at the petting zoo.
In addition to feeding goats and sheep with our niece, we also had our fair (pun intended) share of food.
  • 2 pulled pork BBQ sandwiches
  • 1 of each of the following battered and deep fried on-a-stick:
    • Hot dog
    • Cheese
    • Snickers
  • And a chocolate shake. (To "wash it all down" as Lisa said)
It was no Hucowamongous burger, but we did see an actual huge cow. I think it was bigger than my car, and it was totally worth the $1 to see it. Leave a Jambis Comment Here

Screwed or Nailed

by Jason Email

This past weekend I was repairing some drywall in my closet. For some reason I bought a box of nails with the idea that I would secure the new drywall with the nails, even though I had a perfectly good box of drywall screws at home. Anyways, I start putting up the new drywall with the screws until something possessed me to use a nail instead. Then it hit me; nails suck. I don't know why it took me so long to realized that, it seemed so obvious once I thought about it, but I don't remember ever thinking about it before.


The only benefit I can see to using nails it that you can nail stuff during a blackout... after you cordless drill's battery has died.

Lisa Cycling on the Freeway

by Jason Email

P.S. I didn't crash or anything at the end, I was just turning the camera off.

AIDS/LifeCycle 6

by Jason Email

Well, we did it. Lisa and I rode the whole route from San Francisco to LA. It was really fun and, of course, challenging. Now the question is; Do I put my bike away for a month or so and relax? Or, take advantage of being in the best shape for cycling ever? You can check out some of the pictures on flickr

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