First actual CTV comic strip

by Jason Email

You should ignore the headline below the comic, it is unrelated. I just included it to prove the comic was actually in a newspaper.

10 year anniversary of The Misadventures of Chester T. Vanguard

by Jason Email

I went looking for the comics that I did for the student newspaper in college. Since The Daily Titan has really good archives it was pretty easy for me to find everything.
Well, it turn out that today is the 10 year anniversary of my first comic getting published. Here it is;

You may notice that this comic accompanies an article by an up-and-coming young journalist.
I figure that I'll republish them here following the time line of their original publication. It will give you a good sense of how lazy I was back then.

Mung bean noodles

by Jason Email

These are the cooking instructions for noodles we bought at our local Chinese supermarket chain. I find it quit soothing if you read it as poetry.

1. L&W Vermicelli is made from mung bean and starch. Add the vermicelli into well cooked mung bean and cook another 2 minutes then add sugar. It is delicious to serve either in hot or chilled during Summer time.

2. Add the Vermicelli into well cooked red bean and cook another 2 minutes. Serve with sugar is good at any season.

3. During Winter. For Hot Pot Serving. Add the Vermicelli in the fish-head soup, L&W cuttle fish ball, fish ball/with mushroom. It is delicious and warm you up.

A win for *real* cofffee drinkers

by Jason Email

"Starbucks Corp. announced Wednesday that it will stop brewing decaffeinated coffee after noon each day."

Take that! fake coffee drinkers.

My cat has the diabeetus

by Jason Email

We just took Oswald, our cat (the 3rd most famous cat on the Internet), to the vet for his annual diabetes check up. He is doing fine, and even lost some weight. Do you think I should get him this shirt as a reward?

Bitches Dont Know About my Diabeetus

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