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Most of what I’ve written here is going to be very similar to any other webcomic’s “About” section. Like most people that are doing this, I always wanted to be a cartoonist.

My first comic premiered in 1989. Everyone in my forth grade class had to start a business for our mini-society project. I decided to start a newspaper, partially so I could control the media (-Evil Laugh-), but mainly so I could have my own comic.

I started doing comics again for my high school paper, and continued in college. You can still find copy of “The Misadventures of Chester T. Vanguard” in the Daily Titan archives.

After college I didn’t have a creative outlet, but I really enjoyed many comics in the growing webcomic industry. Then I realized, “Hey, this could be my creative outlet” and oneBIGword was born. So now I get to make all the comics I want, without having to answer to an editor.
I’m going to try and update at *least* once a week. If you want to see more updates just drop me an . I’ll do lots more comics if I know people are enjoying them.



Comics by: Jason McPheron