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Another Haircut

Another Haircut
Strip uploaded on Monday, September 27th, 2004

News entry for Monday, September 27th, 2004


By the Bakery

Yes, I have a baker. I live two doors down from a bakery. If I were to write a book of things one needs to do in life, one requirement would be to live by a bakery. But the question still remains, why did he call me a drunk? Well, there is a liquor store next to the bakery. A few evenings ago on the way back from the liquor store, I had a friendly chat with the baker about the simple pleasure of a cold beer on a warm summer night. Of course the next morning, since I hadn’t had coffee yet, it took my a few minutes to ‘get’ his joke. (At least I hope it was a joke).

P.S. Americans: If you are not registered to vote, you need to do it now. Deadlines are coming up in many states.


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