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Plastic Surgery Shows

Plastic Surgery Shows
Strip uploaded on Friday, December 17th, 2004

News entry for Friday, December 17th, 2004


A Surprise on the Porch

You gotta see these plastic surgery shows. And Iím not talking about the network TV stuff; Iím talking high gross-out cable goodness. I physically canít keep myself from squirming, but I canít look away.

In other news; I came home form Oceanís Twelve last night and found a guy sleeping on my porch. Mark (he formally introduced himself) said he was waiting for someone to pick him up, but his breath told me other wise. He didnít seem to understand why I didnít want him sleeping (passing out) on my porch, but I think he was pleased I didnít call the cops. In retrospect maybe I should have called the cops, so at least heíd be safe. But he seemed like that kindía guy that has expierence being that drunk.


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